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The Hispanic Farmers' Conference develops workshops based on the most influential issues affecting farmers today. In addition, the workshops are conducted by experts in all major agricultural industries.

Track Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Urban Farming The Million Dollar Question:
Small scale agriculture funding programs and options for the direct market producer.
Organic Matter. Where to find it!? Resources available to Urban Producers to help build soil health. Tapping into resource recovery options, composting and soil amendment alternatives. Diversifying Sales Outlets. CSA, Farm to Work, Farmstand. Understanding and identifying market diversification opportunities available; how to enter and succeed in these settings. (Veggie Compass?) Value Added Opportunities:
Turning excess product into profit. A discussion of market alternatives and best practices.
Ranching Grass Finished Beef from A to Z:
An overview into the grass fed industry including market outlook, operational challenges, grazing decisions and animal selection.
Improving Pasture Performance: Grazing management strategies and practices intended to build soil health, improve water holding capacity and increase carrying capacity. Genetics and Herd Health:
Building your herd. Understanding the importance of sire selection and strategic heifer retention in cow-calf operations. Discussion of common livestock diseases with prevention and treatment applications.
Marketing. What the Butcher Looks for:
Understanding and selecting carcass characteristics to improve consistency and quality in finished beef.
Farming Show Me The Money!
Real world experiences in the Ag funding world along with representatives from SSARE, NRCS and FSA.
Minimizing Input Costs. Using Cover Crops to boost soil Health.
Cover crop uses and varieties for hot and humid areas. Discussion of uses, benefits, best practices and available resources.
Successful Planning for New Food Safety Laws:
Preparing for FISMA food safety law implementation. What you need to know and do, for fresh fruit and vegetable producers.
Variety Selection and Pest Management:
Crop variety selection research developments along with a look into Sugar Cane Aphid issues and pest management strategies.